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I have sent e-mails to the MEPs. Have you?

Every e-mail counts. I know this, because years ago I was an activist fighting similar odds on the ground:

So send your e-mails, call your MEPs. Block Article 11 and Article 13 of the Copyright Directive.

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This is very important:

"Article 13 of the Copyright Directive will force internet platforms (social networks, video sites, image hosts, etc.) to install upload filters to monitor all user uploads for copyrighted content, including in images – and thus block most memes, which are usually based on copyrighted images.


It will come down to every single vote. (...) The NGO EDRi has made a list of key swing votes:

This will affect #Fediverse.

TIL you literally can't discuss religion in US schools??

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I wish there was a nice way to bridge/mirror Discord servers and Matrix communities

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Remember when you were young

you coded for fun

shine on you crazy diamond

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i find american mm/dd format stupid at best of times, but when people write mm/dd/yyyy... i just want to gut them and then strangle them with their own intestines.
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Registration is now open! The first album with filters was just posted!

Fortnite: I sleep
wtf I love Fortnite now

So Square Enix announced... a deaf assassin game? And that's it 👌

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These are troubling times, my child.
Let me sing you a song to ease your weary spirit.

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If you missed out on registration, please fill out this form and your accounts will be registered before registrations open tomorrow! The backup username is used in case your desired username is registered already.

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Upcoming version of Mastodon (2.4.1) will have a delete & redraft function.

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Chorus Space

Chorus Spaceは、合唱をする人のためのMastodonインスタンスです。

(注意)Chorus Studio ( とは別にユーザー登録が必要です。


  • 合唱に興味のある方ならどなたでも登録できます
  • 公序良俗に反する行為は禁止です